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What is SuperReceptionist?

SuperReceptionist is your business phone on the cloud.Now you can provide a pleasant calling experience for your customers,no matter how small or large your business is.We offer virtual phone numbers,call forwarding,call routing and call recording to make your inbound sales or service team more effective than ever.Flexible,affordable and scalable –SuperReceptionist is all this and more .Try a free demo!

How will it benefit my company?

With SuperReceptionist,you ensure efficiency,professionalism and a better understanding of your customer’needs.Their calls will always be attended to immediately.You can also monitor and improve,if needed,the quality of your customer-employee interaction.Your customers feel cherished while you save time,money and manpower.

Who uses Knowlarity?

We have a diverse and ever-growing list of customers,which include marquee name such as Sulekha,Pepsico,Medanta, and Convergys as well as small businesses across the country.Our customers span multiple industries:travel,real estate,hospitality,financial services and many more. “In the medical sector,every second counts..[with Knowlarity] we have been able to call back each and every caller and answer their query efficiently.We have experienced phenomenal growth in call volume (10%) with the use of the toll-free number.” -Sachin,Founder &CEO,Medical Second Opinion “My decision to go for SuperReceptionist was the best decision I made, and I plan to use this service for life.” -Niraj Satnalika,Founder,Satnalika Foundation “People often ask me if Intalia is an international brand .That’s what Knowlarity has done for my business.” Montaut Henderson,Owner,Intalia

How does it work?

Our product resides in and operates from the world’s most reliable cloud computing platform,with inbuilt mechanisms for fail-over redundancy,backup and auto-scaling.It has a wealth of features and configurations that can be customized to your business needs.Your customers will be able to reach you via phone,voicemail or fax,round the clock,through a single phone number that we procure for you.Calls are routed to the agents concerned while voice mails and faxes are sent to your email.It’s simple ,efficient and error-free.

How deep do I have to dig into my pocket?

It’s up to you.Starting at just Rs.250 a month,our rates vary depending on the size of your business and the services you want to avail.

Why should I trust you?

We understand that every business feels some anxiety when switching to a new service.That’s why you can try us for free,for up to 30 days.Incidentally,we’ve helped over40,000 businesses grow.We process over a million calls a month.Our latest accolades include TiE Lumis Entrepreneurial Excellence award & the NASSCOM award for innovation.And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Call our sales and support team to get a FREE DEMO(1800-208-1111) or leave us a mail on Troll through our website and drop your queries there.

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