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Domain registration is the process by which a company or individual can secure a website domain, such as Once you have completed domain registration the domain becomes yours for the period of the contract, usually one year. Before registration expires it must be renewed, or the domain reverts back to being available to the general public. The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) manages the international Domain Name Server (DNS) database. ICANN insures that all registered names are unique and map properly to a unique Internet Protocol (IP) address. The IP address is the numerical address of the website that tells other computers on the Internet where to find the server host and domain. Domain registration is available to the public via a registrar. Fees and services vary from company to company, but the process is generally inexpensive. Before a domain registration can be approved, the new name must be checked against existing names in the DNS database. The online registrar provides a field into which you can enter your desired name and hierarchy —- that is, the letters that come after the"dot." Familiar hierarchies are .com, .net, .org, .name, .info and .biz. If the name is not already taken, it is available for domain registration.

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We provide ou r customers with different themes that have promote their business globally and highlight them in competition. Our website development services has helped customers to have a user friendly environment on their sites. Customer satisfaction is our main goal. A website is created for a need for communication with larger groups by an individual for networking and by a company providing goods and services.We support both these needs of our clients with our excellent website development, according to their needs. Developing it requires some technical expertise on grounds of content, client side or server side scripting, net server and security configurations and e-commerce development. All this is done by different departments in close accurate coordination to give timely consistent results. Our website development people are committed professionals with knowledge on all aspects of this challenging field.

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• Out Sourcing-We also provide out soursing of software and human resource.

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• Out Sourcing-We also provide out soursing of software and human resource.

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Witsoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd. organise various short-term and long-term training in .NET, ASP.NET, PHP, PHP++, JAVA, J2EE, ORACLE DBA, ORALE D2K, SEO, WEB DEVELOPMENT, MOBILE APPLICATIONS DEVELOPMENT, ANDROID and other latest technologies as per need of the Individual, Professional, Colleges/Universities & Industry We envision excellent in software training in core technologies with real time case studies and create synchronized scenarios for the participants to gain insights into facing challenges and resolving them successfully. We offer best, latest and state of the art Could Technology to practice on different software tools to gain real time experience.

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Witsoft Technologies Pvt.Ltd.provide Bulk SMS service on priority servers. You can use these SMS’s for Promotion as well as for Transactional purpose.

Today's business requirements demand that you communicate instantaneously with your customers and that you do so in a manner that is cheaper and more reliable. Rely on us for fast, personalized, scalable, and measurable sms solutions. If you are new to sending sms in bulk, our bulk sms service is the best option to start and experience the results first hand. Messages can be sent directly from MS Excel utilizing our SMS Excel software. Some of the features of our bulk sms software include:

• Instant delivery with DND filters

• Ability to send personalized messages Unique alpha-numeric sender id

• Message previewing facilities

• Keeping track of your character count

• Filtering numbers via the National Do Not Call (NDNC) registry

We provide very reliable bulk SMS gateways for integration into websites, web applications, online shopping carts, banking solutions, online networking sites, and other applications. Our online SMS tool, HTTP API, and Excel plug-in are provided free of cost to our users backed up by our excellent support team. All you pay for is for the the number of SMS credits you require which in turn depends on your needs.

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What is SuperReceptionist?

SuperReceptionist is your business phone on the cloud.Now you can provide a pleasant calling experience for your customers,no matter how small or large your business is.We offer virtual phone numbers,call forwarding,call routing and call recording to make your inbound sales or service team more effective than ever.Flexible,affordable and scalable –SuperReceptionist is all this and more .Try a free demo!

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• Out Sourcing-We also provide out soursing of software and human resource.

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(WAN, Internet connection using the World Wide Web, etc.).

Cloud users may access the server resources using a computer, net book, pad computer, smart phone, or other device. In cloud computing, applications are provided and managed by the cloud server and data is also stored remotely in the cloud configuration. Users do not download and install applications on their own device or computer; all processing and storage is maintained by the cloud server. The on-line services may be offered from a cloud provider or by a private organization.

Providing IT Resources as a Service

Cloud computing delivers IT as a service. It might be your own private cloud accessible only within your organization, the public cloud of an external provider, or a hybrid cloud that spans both.

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• Out Sourcing-We also provide out soursing of software and human resource.

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• Out Sourcing-We also provide out soursing of software and human resource.

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