1) What is a Web Application (An Introduction)

* What is MVC (Model View Controller)

* What is API (Application Programming Interface)

* How domain (xyz.com) works

* What is a server

* Cloud Computing

* Web Farm.

2) Web Programming Introduction

* Intro to HTML

* Intro to CSS

* Intro to JavaScript

* Concepts of Web Browser.

* Protocols ‐ HTTP and FTP

3) Basic Styling

* Adding external CSS

* Adding external Fonts/Styling

* Intro to CDN (Content Delivery Networks)

4) Advanced Styling

* Using JQuery

* Intro to Ajax

*Adding Behavioural Features


5) Client Side Data Storage

* Web Storage

* Web SQL Database

* Cookies

6) Server Side Data Storage.


*Relational Database

* Graph Database

7) Server to Server Integration.

* Creating API

* Encryption/Decryption (MD5 and others)

Advance Web Designing ( 2nd Month)

Phase I

1) HTML5 Concepts


3) CSS 3.0 Concepts

4) Various HTML5 Frameworks.

5) Various Content Delievery Networks.

6) Stock Photos and Copyright Management.

Phase II

1) Using BootStrap 3.0

2) HTML5 Canvas

3) Creating and Consuming Web Methods.

4) Jquery Programming for designing purpose.

5) Javascript at its full power.

6) What NOT to do in web designing.

7) Best Global Practices and Standards to follow.

Advance Database Administration:‐ (3rd Month)

Database Types:

1) XML.

2) Relational Databases.

3) Graph Databases.

4) Key Value Pairs.

5) NO‐Sql (Not only SQL)

6) Overview of Set Theory.

Querying a database

1) SQL (Structured Query Language)

2) Stored Procedures

3) Views

4) User Defined Table and Data Types

5) Joining Tables

6) Combining Databases.

8) Database Design (Create and Manage)

Advance Web Programming (4th Month)

Phase I

1) Advance AJAX

2) Creating and Consuming Web Services

3)Creating and Consuming Web Methods.

4) Managing CORS (Cross Origin Requests)

5)Playing with JavaScript.

Phase II

6) Session Management.

7) Database Connectivity.

8) Integrating APIs and Multiple Databases in One Application.

9) Programming Languages (C#, VB, PHP, Ruby, Python, Pearl etc.)

10) Intro to C# and VB.

11) Creating Web Programming Design.

Advance Web Management (5th Month)

1) Deploying your own Web Server

2) Concepts of Web Hosting.

3) Server Management ‐ Best Practices

4) MIME Types ‐ What are they and why they required.

5) Configuration File ‐ Local and Global Configuration.

6) Uploading to Server.

7) Creating Personal Error Management Tools.

8) Securing Web Methods and Web Services.

9) Backups and Changing Servers.

Creating Android Applications (6th Month)

1) Difference between Web App and Native App

2) Creating APPS using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

3) Build Modules for APP.

4) Linking Apps with Cloud.

5) Serving Content To App from Servers.

6)Deploying APPS in Google Play Store

7) Using Same App for Android, Amazon, Tizen, IPhone and others.

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