Webcom Creation is a portal development company focused on conceiving, developing and client-focus bespoke web portal solutions for small to large sized business. We develop unique web portal to increase efficiency and competitive advantage of our clients with maximize your return of investment.

We offer wide range of portal development services with latest technology that assure best quality in design, development, testing and deployment of web portal. We deliver innovative turnkey portal solutions for our clients professionally, latest techniques and on budget.

We have team of creative brains to deliver custom portal development with perfect blend of skill, expertise and excellence. Because of our highly expert professionals and efficient project development execution process makes us best portal development company.

We work for our clients across the globe to deliver web portal solutions that enhance performance, reduce risk and on budget. Our vision is deliver top-notch quality, satisfaction and helps them to achieving long term success.

We serve clients from a range of industries including health, B2B & B2C, Ecommerce, real estate, finance, media, education, travel & Tourism, Entertainment, fashion, Manufacturing, Pharmaceuticals & Biotech, retail, energy, IT technology, Automotive and horizontal solutions for all industries.

Web Portal means :

A portal is a web site that acts as a single source for all information on a specific domain. An effective Web portal offers the user a broad array of information, arranged in a way that is most convenient for the user to access. When designed, implemented and maintained correctly a web portal becomes the starting or entry point of a web user introducing him into various information, resources and other sites in the internet. It has the power to draw together a common group of people, common on the basis of their age, profession, location etc.

Web portals are browser-based applications that enable activities including connecting business processes within the business and across the supply chain by unifying access to structured and unstructured data, integrating applications to support the business processes as well as providing access to real-time, current and consistent information. Popular Portals are kanpurcoachings.com, allindiacoachings.com MSN etc.

Type of Web Portals:

1.Corporate Portals: provide personalized access to selected information of a specific company, example is jagrangroup.com

2.Commerce Portals: support business-to-business and business-to-consumer e-commerce

Horizontal Portals: These types of portals are providing visitors with information and on a wide area of topics. Horizontal portals target the entire Internet community, Classic examples of horizontal portals are yahoo.com, msn.com etc

Intranet Portals (Enterprise Portals): These are portals developed and maintained for use by members of the intranet or the enterprise network. The most common implementation of enterprise portals focus on providing employees with this information on a regularly updated manner along with Debug management system, availability of applications on demand, online training courses and web casts etc along with communication in the form of emails, messaging, web meetings etc.

Knowledge Portals: Knowledge portals increase the effectiveness of knowledge workers by providing easy access to information that is necessary or helpful to them in one or more specific roles. Knowledge portals are not mere intranet portals since the former are supposed to provide extra functionality such as collaboration services, sophisticated information discovery services and a knowledge map.

Enterprise Portals: A company?s public Website itself is not automatically a corporate portal. It can become one if the Website provides personalization and navigation functionality, as many is beginning to do. More advanced enterprise portal solutions provide access via mobile devices, such as cell phones, PDA?s, handheld PC?s etc. facilitating on the road work, decision making, and business processes.

Market space Portals: Market space portals exist to support the business-to-business and business-to-customer e-commerce.

1. Software support for e-commerce transactions

2. Ability to find and access rich information about the products on sale .

3. Ability to participate in discussion groups with other vendors and/or buyers

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