About School ERP:- School ERP development and design by WITSOFT TECHNOLOGIES, is a ERP based software development company, ERP stands for enterprise resource planning company makes software very user friendly and global the company aims to growth of all academic organization to manage them by school ERP and educational consultant.

school ERP is a web based school automation and management software which has been designed and tailored speed ally foe educational institute to as we smooth administration and management of various scholastic and non scholastic activities. School ERP software ensures better interaction between students, teachers, parents. & school management committee. its take care of overall school administration and school management, helping the top school management effective managerial decision leading better management of resource available in school.

School ERP aims at reducing gap between information and the users and insures that. There is seem less flow of information school ERP informs all parents to daily report of students by mobile SMS alert and email alert.

Benefit of school ERP:-

• School ERP software helps school management to manage their academic process and administration with greater flexibility.

• Instant access to required information and activities of school.

• Attendance management manage to record of presence and aware to parents with SMS alert.

• Keep parents up to date with their words progress in school.

• School ERP is fully online web application, it access anywhere and anyone according to permission.

• A center aliased system which makes reporting possible at one place.

• Better interaction between parents, teachers, &school management.

• Integration of academic calendar, school notice and other activities.

• High level security at application level, users level, and program level. No one can retrieve information.

• School ERP system is converts school database in digital form & to easy retrieve information and program operatic.

School ERP modules:-

It cover all management system in school. Its complete school management software and it capable to customize any management according to school.

• Admission management

• Batch management

• Students management

• Attendance management

• Schedule management

• Fees management

• Transport management

• Office management

• Library management

• Result management

• User management

• Staff management

• Teacher management

• Print report card


Advantage behalf of school:-

school can send notice, remarks, mark result, and fees remainder to parents, students, teachers and staff through mobile SMS. School ERP provides internet 24*7 connectivity to all school ERP is fully online system, so it access anywhere and get information it avoids to system failure.

Advantage behalf of parents:

- parents can be get all information of your wards through mobile SMS call center, internet portal, school ERP provide flexibility to parents to comments school teacher, subject teacher, admin related to student, fees, result, infrastructure, transport, through mobile or internet.

It is fully students information system for parents and stay connect with students activities.

Advantage behalf of teachers:-

teacher can mark daily attendance assignment, report card of students in it. And get feedback of parents, teacher easily calculate attendance reports, leaves, marks and generate customize reports,. Teacher also send comments to parents about your word progress, discipline, activity and stay connect with parents, teacher can includes daily assignment, home work in school ERP software and view it.

Advantage behalf of students:-

students get can SMS alert of daily attendance remarks, exams reports, class assignment, fees class lest etc. school ERP manage the punctuality discipline, transparency flexibility, reliability and awareness of technology.

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